Caring for Healthy Gambling

Welcome to the Caring for Healthy Gaming page, where we place the highest priority on the well-being of our users and support responsible gambling practices at We believe that gambling should be enjoyable and a way to have fun, and our goal is to provide a safe and responsible gambling environment for all our users.

Our Commitment to Healthy Gaming

We are fully committed to ensuring that gambling remains a positive experience for everyone. We have strict policies and practices in place to prevent and manage potential gambling problems. Our goal is to provide users with information, tools and support so that they can consciously manage their gambling activity.

Supporting Healthy Gaming

We actively support healthy gaming by providing educational materials, implementing safety measures, and providing opportunities for self-regulation. We encourage our users to set personal limits, watch their budgets and play in moderation. We promote a culture of healthy gaming by emphasising the importance of moderation, self-control and variety in gaming activities.

Discouraging Underage Gaming

We strictly prohibit persons under the age of majority from using our platform. We conduct age and identity checks to comply with the law. We also encourage parents and guardians to closely monitor their children's gambling activity.

Identifying and Resolving Problem Gambling

We look out for signs of problem gambling and encourage users to seek help when needed. We provide access to support and help resources and provide tools for self-assessment and informed decision-making.

Collaboration with Support Organisations

We collaborate with organisations specialising in gambling problems to provide professional help to users experiencing difficulties. We also actively support awareness initiatives, research and treatment programmes in this area.

Privacy and Data Protection

We recognise the importance of privacy and process user information with the utmost care. When users seek help related to the game, we respect the principles of privacy and follow a privacy policy.


Thank you for visiting the Caring for Healthy Play page. We are dedicated to creating a positive and responsible gambling environment. Through education, support and collaboration with aid organisations, we aim to provide a safe and joyful gambling experience. If you or someone you love is in need of assistance, please reach out to our support resources. Your well-being is important to us.